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26 February, 2021 in Customers

Starting The Conversation On Digital Content

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving and growing in sophistication - which means that marketers need to evolve with it…
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27 July, 2020 in Advertorial, Cashflow

How to understand your Cashflow without any jargon

Money money money! There is nothing more important than having good cashflow and regular income in a small business and…
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27 July, 2020 in Advertorial, Keeping Going

Keeping Your Micro Business Organised Using Technology

Working by yourself, for yourself is one of the most exciting aspects that lures so many people towards becoming self-employed…
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19 July, 2020 in Any Other Business

Keeping It Real

Often the best way to face up to something that is impacting on the wellbeing of both your business and…
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24 June, 2020 in Keeping Going

Measuring Success: You Make The Choice

One of the positive things about running your own micro business is being able to assess success in units that…
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Talk It Over

Need a Business Coach who gets how running a micro business works and has been there and done for over 30 years in more than one sector ? If so Tina Boden would love to talk to you, she is here with an ear to listen and the knowledge and expertise to guide you. 

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The B&B Keeper

Own a Bed and Breakfast, Guest House or small Hotel and struggling to take a holiday but really need a much-earned rest? The B & B Keeper can provide you with relief management from someone who knows about hospitality, customer service and running a small business of their own.

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